2010 International Poster Competition of the AnStifter for Peace, Tolerance, Solidarity and Civil Courage

„AnStifter – interCulturelle Initiativen“ is a non-governmental organisation run entirely by volunteers. It is a member initiative of a non-profit organisation domiciled in Stuttgart.

The AnStifter live their commitment to the cause of peace, justice and solidarity in a critical and open-minded spirit through citizens’ projects dedicated to the expression of civil courage and against violence and oblivion. We foster networking among socio-critical, independent initiatives such as LeseZeichen, Spur der Erinnerung, Stolperstein (dedicated amongst others to the memory of the crimes of the Nazi regime), theatre for basic human rights, lectures, discussions and publications (to learn more about our goals visit us at https://www.die-anstifter.de)

Every year the AnStifter present the Stuttgart Peace Award, endowed with 5000 EUR.

Inspired by the wish to heighten public awareness of the issues of peace, justice, solidarity and civil courage as well as their own work to this end, the AnStifter are now sending out this call for entries to their international poster competition.

Entries should be dedicated to topics such as: civil courage, tolerance, peace, justice, solidarity, express disdain for hatred, violence or indifference or convey similar messages. They may consist of any form artwork presented in A1 portrait (upright) format. Participants are entirely free in their choice of technique and may employ pictograms, picture stories or any other form of design.

The AnStifter’s logo, the “Menschel“ (shown below) should be incorporated in the design along with the website address „www.die-anstifter.de“ as subtext. The artist’s name should appear in small letters in the form of an imprint.
Please enclose your full address in clearly legible writing!

Participation in the competition is open to all and not subject to any requirements. Joint entries will be accepted. Multilingual designs are welcome but not a requirement.

Entries should be reproducible single- or multi-coloured designs on paper (A 3, maximum
594 x 841 mm) or PDFs (suitable for the final size of 594 x 841 mm / A 1 in portrait format) saved on CD or sent by e-mail and should be addressed to:

Die AnStifter eV, Olgastraße 1a, D 70182 Stuttgart
T (+49) 711 2 48 56 -77, Fax -79

1. From all entries received a jury chaired by Jochen Stankowski (www.atelier-stankowski.de) will select a number of posters which will be reproduced, printed and presented to the public and which will be freely available for the non-profit activities of AnStifter. The members of the jury will be made known in good time.

2. The AnStifter will award a total of at least 3,000 Euros for the three best poster designs as well as further material prizes. A full-scale public presentation of all submitted entries with media involvement is planned.

3. The winners will be invited to the prize giving ceremony in Stuttgart.

4. The entry deadline is 15 April 2010.

Participants may submit a maximum of three printable poster designs. By participating in the poster competition the contenders accept the following terms of this competition:

They assure that they have full intellectual property rights to all parts of the design as well as to the poster design itself. They agree to the non-commercial publication of all submitted designs, with due reference to the artist,

a) in printed form (poster, documentation, book, flyer etc.) and

b) in form (on websites of AnStifter and other organisations dedicated to the peace movement).

Their consent shall also apply to press publications. It is planned to present the competition entries at exhibitions (e.g. at the Stuttgarter Theaterhaus and other venues). The Jury’s decision is final. Artists whose work is used for commercial purposes shall be entitled to a negotiable fee.

Entries received will not be returned.

Participants can follow the competition’s progress and view entries submitted at www.die-anstifter.de under the heading „Plakatwettbewerb“.

For general information on the activities of the AnStifter please visit us at www.die-anstifter.de. If you should have a specific question please mail us at heidemarie.roth@web.de. Teams, working groups, school classes etc. within Germany wishing to participate are encouraged to invite AnStifter for a live presentation on the topics of the poster competition and its citizens’ projects..

This is a „menschel“:

Über Peter Grohmann

Peter Grohmann, Jahrgang 1937, Breslauer Lerge, über Dresden auf d' Alb, dann runter nach Stuttgart: Schriftsetzer und Kabarettist, Autor und AnStifter gegen Obrigkeitsstaat und Dummdünkel. Mitgründer: Vom Club Voltaire übers undogmatische Sozialistische Zentrum, vom Theaterhaus zu den AnStiftern. Motto: Unruhe ist die erste Bürgerinnenpflicht. Was ärgert Grohmann? Alle, die den Arsch nicht hochkriegen, aber dauernd meckern. Und an was erfreut er sich? An Lebensfreude und Toleranz