La Brugère

Popronde 2013 Wolf In Loveland - La Brugere

Die Gruppe Wolf In Loveland hat diesen wunderbaren Song geschrieben. Darin heißt es:
Nun, wer bist du, um mich so zu beurteilen? Es gibt Dinge an mir, die du nicht weißt
Aber du hast recht, ich werde langsamer

We set out in the naked dawn to have something to talk about
in a few years over dinner
Coming down the hill just feeling like a hundred miles an hour
Harmonica piercing through the friendship

And in a way with crippling fear we left the drugs and bought some beer
and cooled down
Well who are you to judge me so, there’s things about me you don’t know
But you’re right, I’ll slow down

I never saw you break before, laid out all that brings you down
and we sat there trying to console you
I’ve known her longer than you have but you loved her hard and then it crashed
but someday she’ll surely turn around

And when she does you’ll rest again and know yourself and to be a man
who’s happy
I lit a candle, paid the fee and asked the sky to humour me
and give you a chance to get even

We made fast friends and opened up, said hi to every single soul
and always, the favour was returned
We drove away as a song came on, and I knew that I’d fallen deep
in love, aching in my stomach

We left the land where his mother stays and thought about the simple days
There’s no way we could forget with the rock that lays there by her bed
It looks like it has always been there
The night was long but the drive felt quick and as we went on I got sick
of sadness
So bring the winter bring the snow, it doesn’t matter, we all know
that next year, the sun will reappear

Über Michael M.

Michael Maria schreibt über ungewöhnliche akustische Musik und zu bewegenden Ereignissen. Eventuell bringt die Musik auch die Seelen anderer AnStifter in Resonanz und lässt sie staunen (eine Hoffnung!).