Manufaktur Schorndorf
NO TAV – Dokumentarfilm aus dem Susa-Tal

Mi, 27. Juli, 20 h, Manufaktur Schorndorf: NO TAV – Dokumentarfilm aus dem Susa-Tal
Der 20 jährige Widerstand im Val de Susa (Susa-Tal in Italien) gegen das Hochgeschwindigkeitsprojekt

Über Burkhard Heinz

Ich bin seit vielen Jahren geschäftsführender Gesellschafter des Medienbeobachtungsunternehmens mediatpress®. Die von mir verfassten Beiträge beschäftigen sich mit den Themen Medien, Kommunikation und Journalismus. Artikel, die auf dieser Website zu lesen sind und nicht von mir stammen, geben nicht immer auch meine Meinung wieder.

Ein Gedanke zu „Manufaktur Schorndorf: NO TAV – Dokumentarfilm aus dem Susa-Tal

  1. Ländervegleich im Tränengaseinsatz-Val di Susa-Italien-S21-Deutschland

    Val di Susa – Kabul (

    600 armed men are taking turns to give day and night protection to the fortified base at the “la Maddalena” in Val di Susa. In the surrounding woods, blocks of cement have been put in place to support wire netting that’s two and half metres high. The tents left by the people of the Val di Susa fleeing on the mountainside, have been cut up. It’s an action of war against the population. What’s the difference between this and Kabul? Such a military operation has never been seen – not even for the work on the Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway where the ’ndrangheta has unopposed dominion. The occupying security forces come from other regions of Italy; a person from the Val di Susa would never beat up a friend of his or an old lady who has seen him grow up. Parliament representing the police officers of Maroni/Tambroni is illegitimate, the offspring of the funny Calderoli, a worthy representative of the turncoat Lega of “Masters in our own house” and “Rome the thief”. Where is the Opposition? Where are Di Pietro, Bersani, Vendola? For 30 pieces of silver, the famous 600 million from the EU, hell has been let lose in Val di Susa. tents burned, truncheon blows to the face, tear gas with CS (o-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile). The CS gases come within the ambit of “chemical weapons”, they are in this category: “all the gas, liquid and sold substances that, when emitted into the air or spread on water or on land, produce anatomical-functional lesions, of various types in living beings, of such a kind as to compromise, definitively or just temporarily, the integrity of the human organism.”

    In the newspapers of the regime, of which the one at the forefront is La Repubblica, the people of the Val di Susa have been judged and torn to pieces. Miserable peasants, ignorant mountain people, egoists. They have not yet written that they smell and are illiterate, but this is the idea.
    Fassino where are you hiding? Who are your reference points? After “we have a bank”, now you’ve gone on to “we have a building site”, one of those so well-loved by the red and rosé cooperatives. In time, it won’t take much, the true reasons will come out for construction work without any economic basis costing 17 billion paid by the Italian tax payers, that will be finished in 20 years, that will disembowel for all time, a valley and a mountain for 54 kilometres to transport goods that have been in constant decline for a decade on the current line that connects Val di Susa and France. On Sunday, the Val di Susa wants to take back all its territory. I’ll be there. All the Italians should participate. It could be the turning point for the country, to reaffirm democracy and to get both Houses of Parliament to be dissolved this autumn. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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